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Can Remote Sensing using UAVs revolutionise the monitoring of flood defences?

Can Remote Sensing using UAVs revolutionise the monitoring of flood defences? James Dunthorne: Speaking at The Flood Defence Expo 2015 October 14th/15th ExCel London James Dunthorne is Technical Manager at Remote Aerial Surveys the UAV survey service offered by Richard Allitt Associates. He will presenting a seminar at this years Flood Defence Expo looking at the contribution […]

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The Flood of Claims keeps Rising

How hydraulic modelling can help determine liability Flooding and the impact that it has on property such as homes, businesses and agricultural land continues to grow in importance. Already there are an estimated five million people living in 2 million properties located within flood risk areas in England & Wales. The current spate of flooding[…..]

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Making our way through the FOG

Over the last 2 years Richard Allitt Associates has led the team working on the UKWIR project looking at Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG) assessing the existing situation and looking where the opportunities lie for progress Central to the work has been the development of a bespoke technical tool which will assist all Water and[…..]

The Role of Social Media in Improving Model Confidence

At a recent international workshop on urban pluvial flood modelling for the Rain Gain project Alex Grist from Richard Allitt Associates presented a paper sharing good practices for enhancing the calibration of urban drainage models including looking at how social media can help data quality. The RainGain project seeks to obtain detailed rainfall data at[…..]