The Paris Climate Change Agreement – What might it mean for the Water Industry?

Our Environmental Co-ordinator Edward Hartwell gives his perspective on the recent Climate Agreement in Paris On Saturday the 12th of December 2015, 195 nations adopted the Paris Agreement. In theory, once signed by more than 55 countries, accounting for 55% of global emissions, this will be a legally ratifying document aimed at ensuring that the global […]

The new SuDS Manual is out!

The UK’s most comprehensive SuDS guidance has been released to support uptake, manage floods and create better places and spaces.As the UK moves into winter, potentially a time of greater flood risk as seen during the 2013-2014 winter, CIRIA has launched the most comprehensive industry SuDS guidance available in the UK. This guidance focuses on[…..]

Real Time Urban Flood Forecasting Now a Reality

Real Time Urban Flood Forecasting is Now a Reality It has long been the case that local councils would significantly benefit from a real time urban flood warning system, to enable them to put sandbags and other measures in place before flooding occurs. Historically the complex and slow nature of modelling systems has prevented their[…..]