Modelling 3D Structures

Presented by Rachael Albrighton at the CIWEM Urban Drainage Group Conference this paper looks specifically at advances that have been made in hydraulic modelling techniques. The CIWEM Urban Drainage Group autumn conference brings all the latest techniques and advances in the drainage industry together. Modelling 3D structures such as ponds, swales, channels and embankments is a relatively new […]

The 5 most common mistakes when modelling

Not all models are the same The quality of wastewater hydraulic models can vary from very general models with few details to meticulous and site-specific models which can be used to refine and challenge different scenarios. Understanding the performance of wastewater infrastructure, seeing where the problems are and why, is highly complex and involves being[…..]

Flood damage, flood aftermath,

The Flood of Claims keeps Rising

How hydraulic modelling can help determine liability Flooding and the impact that it has on property such as homes, businesses and agricultural land continues to grow in importance. Already there are an estimated five million people living in 2 million properties located within flood risk areas in England & Wales. The current spate of flooding[…..]