Katie Powell presents at Infoworks ICM/ICM Live UK User Group Meeting

Katie Powell, Graduate Hydraulic Modeller from Richard Allitt Associates presented an interesting Sustainable Drainage case ‘Modelling at a Micro Scale using Infoworks ICM to retrofit SuDS‘ at the Infoworks ICM/ICM Live UK User Group on Tuesday 20th June.  Katie highlighted the use of InfoWorks ICM to model both at the conventional macro scale and also at the […]

Richard Allitt Associates appoints new Technical Director Kerry Foster

Bringing with her over 15 years experience in flood risk and water management, Kerry joins us from Capita where she led the East Grinstead team of hydrologists, hydraulic modellers and project managers.  Kerry specialises in hydrological analysis and has been involved as a principal hydrologist and project manager on a number of strategic and detailed[…..]

Are current research efforts enough to ensure a flood resilient future?

The BRIM workshop (held at Loughborough University on 16th September) focused on “Sustainable and Resilient Water Infrastructure: flood risk and resilience” and gathered researchers from industry and academia to discuss the main challenges for a resilient water infrastructure in the UK. Extreme weather events put water infrastructure at risk while population growth increases demand. In many cases the[…..]