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Flooding 2015 Risks & Resilience

Flooding 2015: Risks and Resilience was a chance for key flood management and civil contingency professionals from around the country to learn about the latest guidance on various aspects of flooding and debate current national and local policy. The conference showcased some of the best approaches to the challenge of creating risk aware and resilient local communities.

Richard Allitt, Managing Director, Richard Allitt Associates Ltd presented one of the conference’s key master classes.

Master Class: 

Easy ways to identify flood risk management measures

Determining what are the most efficient, quickest and cheapest ways of applying flood risk management measures in order to implement them in Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMPs).

For those involved in the implementation of Local Flood Risk Management Strategies and Flood Risk Management Plans (at consultation stage and must be completed by December 2015) this is an opportunity to gain an understanding of the various ways, at local level, in which the root causes of flooding can be identified quickly and to identify which types of flood risk management measures would work and which are most cost efficient.

The Master Class covered:

  • A review of the timetable and statutory requirements for FRMPs
  • A review of the responsibilities of the different organisations involved in flooding
  • A review the role of Surface Water Management Plans (SWMPs) and assessment of the benefits achieved so far
  • Examination of the different mechanisms of flooding
  • Summary of the consequences of flooding (property damage, personal injury etc)
  • Explaination of how to identify the Root Causes (or causes) of flooding
  • Identification of which types of flood risk management measures are applicable to which types of flooding
  • Identification of who can implement flood risk management measures
  • Consideration of joint working / stakeholders

More details on the master class here.


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