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Hydraulic Modelling

Hydraulic models enable a variety of ‘what if’ scenarios to be explored and as such are proving to be important tools for water companies and local authorities to develop solutions and strategies to deal with current or future drainage issues.

Richard Allitt Associates are experts in highly specialised hydraulic models, building and evaluating very detailed scenarios to deal with complex drainage problems.

We use state of the art analytical techniques and actively seek to develop and improve our technical ideas whilst striving to maintain the same quality of performance and output.

InfoWorks ICM (integrated all source catchment modelling) is our program of choice due to its superior power and detailed 1D-2D coupling capabilities. It offers superior results through its general versatility and functionality of the software and provides us with the ability to test future developments within the catchment through use of ‘scenarios’.

Our hydraulic modelling services include:

Drainage Area Plans and Sewerage Management Plans

Drainage Area Plans and Sewerage Management Plans are important tools in helping Water Companies to manage and maintain their underground assets in a catchment and also to enable accurate estimates to be made of the Levels of Service which they provide. In this way Water Companies are able to identify areas of risk where improvements are required to maintain levels of service.

Surface Water Management Plans

Surface Water Management Plans are important decision making tools for local authorities and other stakeholders in identifying the level of flood risk within their given areas across the UK. Richard Allitt Associates Ltd have been involved in a number of these studies in recent years where we have delivered expert advice and modelling skills to assist in the identification of flood risks as described by Sir Michael Pitt in The Pitt Review.

1D – 1D Modelling

We have extensive experience working with 1D – 1D modelling solutions using InfoWorksTM CS. We work on any given scale for the development of new hydraulic models and for the improvement of existing drainage designs.

1D – 2D Modelling

We specialise in 1D – 2D modelling solutions using InfoWorksTM CS 2D, InfoWorksTM RS 2D and InfoWorksTM ICM for urban drainage systems. We work in partnership with clients to understand their requirements, predict flooding and maximise the performance efficiency of any given model.

Reservoir Inundation Modelling

Following The Pitt Review the issue of identifying the areas at risk of inundation from reservoirs failing or being overtopped has attracted more attention. We use state of the art modelling techniques to simulate flood inundation for the estimation of damage, flow velocity and area coverage for reservoirs across the UK, irrespective of their size or location.

Breach Analysis

Using hydraulic models it is possible to simulate what the consequences are of a sea or river defence being breached. The results of these simulations can be used to make decisions on how a planned development needs to be modified to reduce the risk to inhabitants or how the defences need to be maintained or raised. Further details can be found by downloading the following case study.

River Modelling

Hydraulic models can be used to gain an understanding of the behaviour of rivers and the consequences of sudden system changes under differing climatic conditions. The same model can then be used for testing proposed flood defence schemes and results can be exported to aid cost benefit analysis so that the most appropriate scheme can be identified.

Research and Development

We have been at the forefront of urban drainage technology for over 20 years and work closely with academic and commercial organisations to undertake pioneering research and development work in the field of urban drainage.

Technical Audits

Hydraulic models are important decision making tools and as such it is important that they are built to high standards and the methodologies used are appropriate to the client’s requirements. To ensure that models are “fit for purpose” Richard Allitt Associates Ltd are able to offer independent audits at any stage of the build and verification process.

Remote Simulations

Hydraulic models are important decision making tools and as such the ability to run simulations fast can be of great value to the end user.  Richard Allitt Associates Ltd are able to offer “rsim” which allows the remote use of their fast simulation machines to undertake fast simulations using InfoWorksTM ICM. For more information click here