Our Services

hydrology, river modelling


We provide a varied client base with a wide range of hydrological services. We are committed to providing a high quality service with the assurance you need to manage your project effectively.

Practical advice and techniques for all your requirements including:

Drainage Area Plans and Sewerage Management Plans

An important part of any Drainage Area or Sewerage Management Plan is to understand the hydrology in the local and wider area. We offer experience in determining and understanding this and we are then able to use this information within any required modelling or analysis.

Surface Water Management Plans

It is important to fully understand the entire watershed of any Surface Water Management Plan area. Typically these studies will involve different hydrology depending on the source of the flows, such as watercourses, pluvial runoff and sewers. We have experience in understanding the integrated nature of the hydrology and determining the appropriate tools to be used in each case.

River Modelling

The hydrology of a river determines how the river behaves and reacts to situations. It is important to realise that the local section of the river can be affected by situations and structures many kilometres upstream or downstream, We understand this and are able to use the appropriate tools to provide assessments and advice on the behaviour of rivers.