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CIWEM publish new Code of Practice

Richard Allitt Associates are pleased to share that CIWEM Urban Drainage Group has published today a new Code of Practice for the Hydraulic Modelling of Urban Drainage Systems.  Richard Allitt has co-authored the new Code of Practice which replaces previous good practice guidance which he also contributed to back in 2002.  

The Code of Practice provides good practice guidance to organisations commissioning and developing hydraulic models of urban drainage systems used for planning and design, providing a significant contribution to developing sustainable, resilient and adaptable urban drainage systems in the 21st Century. 

Richard said “I am delighted to have been involved in writing the latest revision of the CoP. I am the only person from the original drafting team for the first edition in 1993 who has been involved in all subsequent revisions. I was particularly pleased to contribute by writing the sections of the revised CoP on Model Definitions, Verification and most importantly on Model Confidence. Model Confidence is an entirely new section and sets out the ground breaking techniques for assessing and visualising the confidence in different aspects of the model at a variety of different scales.”

A copy of the code of practice can be downloaded from the CIWEM website here



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