Our review of the UDG Autumn Conference

Once again we were pleased to be sponsoring the Autumn conference in Blackpool this year and sent along 4 delegates to the event.

One of our latest Hydraulic Modeller recruits, Hanna Kugachandran was attending her first conference in a professional capacity since graduating and had this to say:

“I found the paper by Murray Dale on ‘Are you prepared for future rainfall?’ very interesting. Coming from a Hydrology and Climate Change academic background I was already inclined towards this project, however I found it very interesting to see how it related to the Urban Drainage Industry and in what ways modelling practises can be changed in the future to be able to account for regional rainfall uplifts in terms of flooding, CSO spill volumes and frequencies. I find that incorporating these uplifts may also be very important in the future as the CCRA (Climate Change Risk Assessment) Infrastructure report (2017) suggests that projected climate changes could reduce the capacity of new developments being incorporated into existing sewer systems as well increase the costs associated with sewer operation, pumping and treatment.”

Another of our delegates, Justyna Wiewiorka, found the presentation by Kathryn DePippo from Mott McDonald on “Citywide retrofit SUDS case studies” very engaging and said the SUDS workshop showed how stringent regulations and investment from the government coupled with constant communication between all parties and  successful engagement with public really can result in the successful development of green infrastructure.

Our thanks to everyone involved in this year’s conference and we look forward to seeing everyone again in the Spring.


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