East and West Cowes Flooding Study

“4 Delivery” (4D) are partnered with Southern Water to deliver the bulk of the AMP4 construction programme. One cluster of schemes to solve flooding problems is in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. RAA undertook the modelling aspects of the schemes to solve DG5 flooding in this catchment.
Cowes on the northern extreme of the Isle of Wight is split by the River Medina into East & West Cowes. The topography of Cowes is
generally very steep and it is known that in several locations there is significant overland flow contributing to the flooding problems.
This commission was to re-verify the existing InfoWorks CS model with a new flow survey which had just been completed.
The re-verified model was then used by Richard Allitt Associates Ltd to carry out the hydraulic analysis for the detailed design for several
flooding locations within both the East Cowes and West Cowes catchments.