Flood Risk Assessment Portsmouth

Richard Allitt Associates were commissioned to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment for a development site in Portsmouth. The site was a brownfield site occupied by a small office building and the proposals were to construct a block of flats. The site was located within Zone 3 which meant that there was a risk of tidal flooding from 1 in 200 year events. The predicted tide level for the 1 in 200 year event plus climate change was obtained.
Discussions were held with the Architect and Developer and we were able to advise on the best solution to ensure that there was no internal flooding of the property whilst maintaining the appearance of the building to match the remainder of the street and ensure that the planners were happy with the street scene.
It was decided that the best solution was to raise the building to above flood level, the disabled access was moved to the rear of the building enabling a access ramp to be constructed.