Moray Way Flood Alleviation Scheme

RAA were commissioned by the London Borough of Havering to undertake modelling of the surface water sewers around Moray Way, Romford. There have been ongoing flooding problems in this area and the Borough has received a grant from Defra as part of the Surface Water Management Plans Early Action Programme.

The modelling was undertaken using the InfoWorks CS 2D program so that overland flow routes would be modelled. Road gullies were included in the model along with the surface water sewers.  The modelling was required to demonstrate that the proposed scheme would solve the problems and that the money was being well spent. As part of the study a site visit was undertaken by RAA to record the position and level of all the road gullies by GPS.

Also during this visit an assessment was made of the impermeable areas connected either directly to the surface water sewers or via the road gullies.  During the site visit it became apparent that this area has been subjected to a vast amount of Urban Creep over the years which has added to the flooding problems.