Stroud Sewerage Management Plan

Richard Allitt Associates Ltd have been commissioned by
Severn Trent Water to undertake and maintain the Sewerage
Management Plan (SMP) for Stroud during AMP5 (2010-
The Sewerage Management Plan for Stroud replaces the previous
DAP undertaken in AMP3 and builds on data from within it, with
more focus on risk and managing the risk to Severn Trent Water.
Sewerage Management Plans are undertaken for areas where there
is a high risk to Severn Trent Water, this could be due to a high
number of internal flooding locations, large planned growth in the
area, pollution issues, model confidence and age or the impact of 3rd
parties schemes and projects such as Surface Water Management
The SMP for Stroud commenced in 2010 and the main areas of risk
identified so far are related to the impact of future development in
the area, capacity issues with the trunk sewer and the age of the
current hydraulic model. The aim of the SMP is to develop strategies
for Stroud which Severn Trent Water can adopt both in the short
term and in the longer term to deliver a cost effective, sustainable
service to their customers in the area.
As the SMP is not only focused on the short term, RAA will be
maintaining the SMP for the duration of AMP5, this may include regular
updates to the model with capital schemes and new developments
as part of ongoing model maintenance or it may include liaising
with external stakeholders on Severn Trent Water’s behalf to help
with surface water management plans, integrated urban drainage
projects, EA flood defence projects, etc.