Walsall Drainage Area Plan

These DAPs to the west and south of Walsall were traditionally heavy manufacturing areas. The decline in the traditional
industries has resulted in extensive brownfield development areas and the past decade has seen tremendous development
with lighter industries.
The original DAS studies for these areas were out of date and this commission was for a total of 3 DAPs. A new InfoWorks CS model
was required to meet the new AMP4 specification. To verify the new model, a new flow survey was required. The overall population of
the catchments is 48,800. The areas all connect to the Black Country Trunk Sewer (BCTS) which drains these areas and all of Birmingham
to Minworth STW.
For this study a flow survey with 96 flow monitors and 15 raingauges was undertaken for 16 weeks. All ancillaries in the catchments were surveyed.
Over 38km of sewers were identified as requiring CCTV surveys as part of this study.
The Drainage Areas covered by this study were; Western Main, South Eastern Main and Walstead Road. The studies were completed in 2007.