Welshpool Drainage Area Plan

This DAP covers the town of Welshpool which is situated in the upper reaches of the Severn Valley in the County of Powys
in Wales. Currently there is a busy Livestock Market in the town, but there are plans to abandon the current market along
with those in the nearby towns of Newtown and Oswestry and build the largest Livestock market in Europe just outside
Welshpool. The Trade flows from the new market will undergo primary treatment on site before being pumped to Welshpool
Sewage Treatment Works for final treatment.
Richard Allitt Associates have a detailed knowledge of the sewerage network in Welshpool over the last 20 years. This current DAP is
the third formal review of the Welshpool sewerage network and Richard Allitt Associates have been invovled in all three
of them. For Welshpool a new InfoWorks CS model was required to meet the new AMP4 specification. For verification a
new flow survey comprising 15 flow monitors and 3 raingauges was undertaken for a 11 week period. The Welshpool catchment covers
an area of 337 hectares and has an overall population of 6,373.
All ancillaries in the catchments were surveyed along with 2.7km of sewers which were CCTV’d.