Wychavon Rural Drainage Area Plan

This DAP covers the rural area of Wychavon which is situated in Worcestershire and the Cotswolds, covering 56 villages
with various different sewerage networks and infrastructure.
In July 2007 this rural area was badly affected by the Floods, which prompted the local council to form a Flood Action Group.
Severn Trent Water are part of this Flood Action Group and as part of this commissioned a review of the Sewerage Networks
within the area where there are known hydraulic issues.
RAA were commissioned to review the Wychavon Rural Drainage Area. The Review highlighted a number of key areas where new
InfoWorks CS models were required to meet the new AMP4 specification to assist with the hydraulic analysis of the network.
In addition to the new models a number of existing models were identified as requiring conversion to AMP4 specification. To verify
the new models new flow survey was required comprising 56 flow monitors and 28 raingauges for a 7 week period. The Wychavon
Rural catchment covers an area of 64,200 hectares (of which 4,964 hectares are included in the models) and has an overall population
of around 59,900.
As part of the study a number of ancillaries in the catchments were surveyed including 33 pumping stations, 5 CSOs, 8
Sewage Treatment Works and around 250 manholes. 6.5km of sewers were also identified as requiring CCTV inspection.