RAA secure CAA permissions for flying fixed-wing Small Unmanned Aircraft

Richard Allitt Associates Ltd are pleased to announce their Remote Aerial Surveys division have recently secured CAA permissions for flying fixed-wing Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA).

This exciting addition to our commercial drone operations marks RAS’s 7th year in aerial surveys since first gaining CAA permissions for multirotor SUA in 2014.

With the acquisition of a WingtraOne VTOL earlier this year, RAS are looking forward to extending their capability to benefit key clients such as Network Rail and Tier One Contractors who are looking for a quick and efficient way to survey larger areas.

Martin Allitt, RAS Operations Director said “We were very impressed with the performance of the WingtraOne and knew that it would be a valuable addition to our fleet. We are very pleased with how quickly we’ve managed to train the pilots, update our operations manual and receive our permissions so that we can be operational with the fixed wing this summer – as the demand and interest has been very high among both our existing clients and new ones.”

RAS will be updating their website shortly with technical data on the full fleet capabilities, however in the meantime if you have any queries please contact pilot@remoteaerialsurveys.co.uk and one of the team would be pleased to assist.