RAA to lead update of the CIWEM Urban Drainage Group Integrated Urban Drainage Modelling Guide in partnership with AECOM and others


The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) and the Environment Agency have contracted Richard Allitt Associates Ltd and AECOM to update the industry standard guidance on Integrated Urban Drainage. Hydraulic modelling and urban drainage specialist Richard Allitt Associates Ltd will be supported by AECOM, industry leaders in integrated catchment modelling and flood risk assessment. Together they will work with other technical experts including Maltby Surveys, Bluesky and Onsite to develop the new guidance for CIWEM and the Environment Agency.
The original guide was published by CIWEM’s Urban Drainage Group (UDG) in 2009 with the purpose of informing practitioners on the then emerging technologies for advanced flood modelling in urban areas, notably the use of coupled 1D-2D models and the integration of models representing sewers, watercourses and the urban surface.

In the last decade, technologies and good practice have advanced considerably. In addition, the introduction of Water UK’s new Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans (DWMPs) require an enhanced level of partnership working to address flood risks of this nature and develop programmes for improved urban resilience.

The Project Steering Group consists of representatives from CIWEM UDG, EA and Lead Local Flood Authorities as key stakeholders.

Commenting on the award, Managing Director Richard Allitt said “We recognised that this project required a collaborative approach to ensure that the new guidance covered the widest possible range of experience and resources. We are delighted to be partnering with AECOM and also drawing on the diverse expertise of others to write this new guidance.”

Senior Flood Risk Consultant from AECOM, Hannah Howe commented:
“There has been a significant change in the industry over the last decade, particularly with multi-agency partnership approaches to flood risk. Not only will this refreshed guide provide advice for integrated modelling tools, but also guidance for delivering holistic solutions to complex flooding problems.”

The project team will hold four roadshows in September in London, Bristol, Leeds and Glasgow, for key stakeholders from the urban drainage community, CIWEM and UDG members, and Lead Local Flood Authorities. The roadshows are designed to gather information on the key issues that need to be updated, and the requirements and expectations of those who will use the Guide. Invitations to stakeholders have been sent out recently.  A subsequent workshop will take place as part of the upcoming Urban Drainage Group Autumn Conference from 4th – 6th November in Nottingham.

For more information on the roadshows and workshop please email IUDGUIDE@raaltd.co.uk




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