Our Services

Remote Aerial Surveys

Remote Aerial Surveys was originally devised to inspect difficult-to-reach river channels. This venture has grown to offer a wide range of services from remarkable aerial videos and photography, ideal for promotional work, to technical high quality topographic and thermal surveys. Our expertise in surveying, environmental consultancy, GIS and remote sensing make us the perfect choice for fulfilling all your aerial survey needs.

RAA have had a place on the Network Rail UAV framework since 2014 and regularly carry out work for Network Rail and Tier one contractors over rail infrastructure.

Flood Management

UAV based aerial imagery offers a flexible and cost effective flood management tool. The UAV provides imagery useful for flood area delineation as well as multispectral imagery for soil moisture assessments. An increasingly useful tool for carrying out flood risk assessments.

Identifying Impermeable Areas

Using multispectral imagery we can produce high resolution maps of permeable and impermeable areas, helpful in establishing contributing areas. Avoid the data inaccuracy arising from urban creep by using UAVs to obtain precise and timely data.

Rising Main Tracing

The UAV offers thermal imagery and high resolution elevation modelling for establishing uncertain routes of rising mains

Asset Management

We can create a bespoke solution for managing assets with services including high resolution georeferenced aerial photography, elevation models and status assessments

Topographic River & Bank Surveys

We offer high quality video surveys of river banks which avoids any risk to personnel as well as multispectral imaging to establish organic and siltation content of water bodies

Pipeline Planning

Our services include video fly-throughs of pipelines with geo-referenced aerial photographs and photo-mosaics of proposed routes for pipelines, ideal when access is an issue

Expert Witness

Our aerial photography, film and multispectral imaging can add context and perspective to complex legal cases

“RAA Ltd are very good people to work with. They are professional throughout the whole process. From their response to the spec, the experienced pilot on the day and deliverables that met our quality requirements. Turnaround was very quick and hit the deadlines to put the data into our overall design package.  As remote aerial technology races on, it’s great to be part of the technology curve and take advantage of everything it offers.”            

Pete Roberts, Water Management Alliance, East Suffolk IDB