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Remote Simulation

In recent years there has been more focus on surface water flooding and surface water management. This involves integrating many different drainage systems such as sewers, watercourses, reservoirs, canals and runoff from permeable areas. There are more requirements for constructing integrated hydraulic models to help determine flood risk locations and to help develop cost effective sustainable solutions. With Infoworks™ ICM (Integrated Catchment Modelling) integrated modelling of urban and river catchments can now be achieved. These integrated models represent a large financial investment by local authorities and statutory drainage undertakers. In addition to the cost involved in producing these ever more complex models there are additional costs associated with hardware and software which can deter clients and end users.

Our remote simulation service minimises your investment costs whilst maximises your possible output.






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Benefits of rsim from Richard Allitt Associates Ltd

The remote simulation service from Richard Allitt Associates Ltd can help save you both time and money.

•When using InfoWorks™ ICM* you can run your integrated model simulations on our hardware; saving you the cost of having to purchase the expensive Simulation Module and hardware. You only have to purchase the Build Module and Viewer Module and we do the rest.

•You can carry out your own multiple, complex integrated simulations by accessing our higher spec dedicated workstations at any time.

•Rsim gives you the facility to schedule your simulations at our dedicated simulation centre from your own desk and the results will then be returned to your desk via the internet.

•We have the latest remote simulation technology from InfoWorks™ ICM giving you access to full multicore processing and GPU technology thus allowing your simulations to be completed in the shortest time possible. Additional services we offer include:

•Model Builds

•Technical Checks





How easy is it to connect to carry out remote simulations?
After the initial setup connecting to rsim is as easy as connecting to a computer on your own network.
What equipment is required to run remote simulations?
All you need is a desktop computer running InfoWorksTM ICM, with a model build license and an internet connection.
What are the benefits of running simulations remotely?
There are many benefits to running your simulations remotely with rsim, such as access to dedicated simulation workstations, ability to run multiple simulations simultaneously without the cost of purchasing the hardware and additional licenses. Running remote simulations also frees up your computer to allow you to work more productively.
Will my IT department have any issues regarding security of our network when running remote simulations?
From our experience the IT departments within Local Authorities are happy for this service to be used as there are no security issues with using port forwarding from your computer to our coordinator and vice versa.
How do the simulations work?
The remote simulations are undertaken on the dedicated workstations at raa’s office using RAA’s simulation licenses but are scheduled by yourself on your desktop computer using your model build license.
What happens if I require a simulation to be carried out quickly?
If you require a simulation carried out quickly then it is best to contact raa and we will see if we can assist by providing additional resources which may include workstations fitted with GPU cards, this may be subject to a premium rate charge.
What support will be available?
RAA will provide support for any issues relating to the remote running of your simulations. We are not able to offer support on your model itself, for this you need to contact the support desk at MWHSoft. However for additional costs RAA can provide technical support and auditing of your model.
Do I need to leave my computer on whilst remote simulations are running?
Once your simulations have pre-processed you can switch your computer off, but once your simulation is complete it will not be able to pass the results back until your computer is switched back on.