Richard Allitt presents at CIWEM Integrated Urban Drainage Modelling Guide launch at virtual Flood and Coast 2021

We are delighted to announce that the updated Integrated Urban Drainage Modelling Guide has now been published and can be downloaded here 

After a project jointly led by CIWEM and the Environment Agency,  the guide was delivered by a collaborative team led by Richard Allitt Associates Ltd, with support from AECOM.

It is timely that the Integrated Urban Drainage Modelling Guide is now refreshed for the challenges and opportunities of the 2020s. The updated guidance will help modellers, clients and stakeholders select and apply appropriate modelling approaches for calculating flood risk and developing adaptation measures.

Both RAA and AECOM have extensive experience of all aspects of integrated modelling with RAA having a track record of working for Water and Sewerage companies, SEPA and Local Authorities. AECOM’s experience of working for the Environment Agency and LLFAs were the ideal partner to deliver a definitive guide covering all aspects of urban drainage modelling.  RAA and AECOM also drew upon the diverse experience of Maltby Surveys, Bluesky and Onsite in their respective fields of surveys and data acquisition.

The Project Steering Group consisted of representatives from CIWEM and CIWEM UDG, EA and LLFA’s which further consolidated the collaborative approach to refreshing the guidance.

Input was also garnered from key stakeholders within the LLFA’s at various workshops held nationally at the project outset, as well as from the CIWEM UDG community at a research workshop held at the Autumn conference.

CIWEM’s Chief Executive, Terry Fuller, said “We’re delighted the updated Guidance has now been published and look forward to the Guide being used by stakeholders to manage flood risk. The collaborative approach to the project has been exemplary during challenging times, and this new guidance forms part of an extensive range of resources that CIWEM offers which makes us the go to institution for all people and matters relating to flood and coastal risk management.”

Richard Allitt will be presenting on the guide at this year’s virtual Flood and Coast event on 30th June 2021.

We would like to thank everybody who has contributed to the new guidance, for the support from the PSG and to those from the EA who helped review the draft versions.