Team Work Triumphs for Severn Trent

We were contacted by Severn Trent’s Service Delivery Team for some urgent assistance with a failing pumping station, Hopwood Park SPS.


There was a possible blockage or air lock in the rising main causing issues at the pumping station. Although the pumping station was within our nominated catchment it pumps into the neighbouring Minworth network requiring a collaboration with another consultant. The rising main discharges into the local catchment are looked after by RPS Clear, who provided details on the pumping station and likely high point on the rising main.


Richard Allitt Associates were asked to use their modelling skills to investigate if there was spare capacity to accept the Dry Weather Flow from the SPS into the gravity foul sewer network in Bromsgrove Rural SMP, so that the reliance on tankering could be reduced. Using the available model and pump rate data from RPS Clear, we were able to assess the impact of extra flow in the gravity sewers. Within 24 hours,working in partnership the consultants had identified the likely high point in the rising main, the impact of over pumping from the rising main to a gravity sewer which drained into the Bromsgrove Rural network and the possible location of the blockage based on the drain back volume when the pumps switch off.


The outcome was that up to 20 l/s could be accommodated by the gravity sewer in dry weather, however surcharging and flooding would be likely to occur during wet periods. This deliverable was only possible due to the collaborative working between Richard Allitt Associates and RPS Clear and the use of existing data and catchment knowledge. The Severn Trent Service Delivery team benefited from this deliverable as it allowed them to make the best decision to react to the issue.


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