Integrated Catchment Models are key to delivering long-term sustainable and resilient DWMPs

As we enter a period with work on DWMPs gathering pace, where the requirement for water companies working with other stakeholders is to produce long-term sustainable and resilient plans in the face of ever-increasing challenges including population growth and climate change, there is a growing need for drainage and wastewater models to be fully integrated. It is important to include watercourses in these integrated catchment models, which can impact on urban drainage networks, and critical to include any culverts that convey, and can provide restrictions to, these flows. Most sewers are barrel controlled, but the flow through most watercourse culverts is inlet controlled and in many instances the culverts do not run full bore or surcharged because of the limitations of the inlet.

RAA’s Gary Buck presented at the CIWEM UDG Spring conference his paper ‘The Importance of Culvert Inlets’

Gary is Principal Modeller at RAA and is based at the newly established regional office in Altrincham.

Please click here to download Gary’s full paper:

The importance of culvert inlets – Gary Buck


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